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Sun E.P. on iTunes

SUN E.P. アナログ発売より一足先にiTunesで先行配信開始しました。
SUN E.P. is available as a digital download on iTunes.

‘SUN’ Very much in the style of an uptempo hard bop fusion tune from the seventies,
complete with extended solos and breaks making it perfect for a full on jazz-dance session.

‘Why He Had To Go’ a lovely slice of soulful jazz,
with nice keyboard work a rock solid foundation and vocals
with a remix version coming from ‘Patchworks’.

The last track on the Ep is a version of Herbie Hancock’s ‘Tell Me A Bedtime Story‘
with vocals from Kylie Auldist, This is an uplifting feel good version.

Primo is a project from DJ Hironobu Jyounai who is a DJ and record producer.
With the Primo label he has re-released some very tasty vocal jazz, fusion and Brazilian gems.

Preview and download songs from Sun EP by PRIMO on iTunes.
" target="_blank">http://itunes.apple.com/album/sun-ep/id455177788

You can also purchase a physical copy of 7 inch vinyl on
www. jetsetrecords.net.
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