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Hironobu Jyounai is very very happening cat in Tokyo as a DJ, promoter, Art director and Primo & The Groupe.

Currently involved with numerous new music productions on his own label. The project "PRIMO & THE GROUPE" are PRIMO - Dj Primo Records Producer, Hironobu Jyounai - and the Groupe from one of jazz metropolis in the world, Tokyo. it starts as a project to spread the concept of jazz party "PRIMO" to more people.

Hironobu has already had successful releases. "A Child Runs Free e.p" was featured on on Gilles Peterson World Wide, "Music For Jazzdancers"(Freestyle-UK), Contemporary Jazz"(Tramp-Ger) and had a great reaction from domestic and foreign hard diggers as ”Great dance track with a conscience!”

In 2010, We've got Long-awaited new work "March Of The Goober Woobers e.p." Including Two of full energy ver. of highly rare jazz funk. About next work, "SUN e.p." (Inc. Patchworks Remix) . Release is scheduled in the spring of 2011.

About reissue work: The Japanese Primo-label has a nose for obscure jazz from the 70s. Primo did a splendid job and delivered these artefacts in nice jackets.

Hironobu is currently the resident DJ for club ever in Aoyama, OTO in Shinjuku.
We may follow his radio DJ proposal at monthly radioshow “Forever” on Shibuya FM 78.4MHz.

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